On this website you will find information about Synergy Central SC, the Central South Carolina region’s new economic development strategy. The purpose of Synergy Central SC is to identify top economic development opportunities that will increase economic growth and prosperity over the next five years. 

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Community Survey

Thank you to all of the residents who participated in the Community Survey! The results of the Community Survey will be instrumental in developing an Economic Development Strategy for Central South Carolina. By hearing from a large swath of the community we can better tailor the economic development strategy to meet the region’s most pressing needs.


The goal of Synergy Central SC is to promote economic growth and vibrancy in the eight-county Central South Carolina region. During the strategic planning process, we will take a fresh look at the region’s opportunities and develop an action plan for the next five years of economic development activities.

The strategic planning process will include the following steps:

  • Phase 1: Discovery - To begin the project, the consulting team will conduct an information review, economic and demographic evaluation, benchmarking analysis, and extensive stakeholder input. The consulting team will gather input from a variety of stakeholders via interviews, focus groups, and a community survey. A Steering Committee and Economic Development Advisory Group will serve as sounding boards throughout the strategic planning process. A SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) will be developed that combines the quantitative and qualitative information gathered during Phase 1.

  • Phase 2: Strategy - Next, the consulting team will refine and validate the Central SC Alliance’s target industries and identify best practices. Based on findings from Phase 1: Discovery, a vision statement, goals, and strategic framework will be developed and vetted by the Steering Committee and Economic Development Advisory Group.

  • Phase 3: Action - The final step of the strategic planning process will be to put the plan in motion. The consultant team will develop an Action Plan that will guide the Central SC Alliance in implementing Synergy Central SC using timelines, tasks assignments, and metrics.

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Project Partners 

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The Central SC Alliance stimulates economic expansion and facilitates job creation by promoting Central South Carolina as a valuable location for businesses. Central SC was founded in 1994 and is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public/private partnership which engages in the recruitment of capital investment in the Central South Carolina region. Learn more about the Central SC Alliance.

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Avalanche Consulting is the nation's premier economic development strategist. Avalanche is deeply driven to make a positive impact and seeks clients who are equally inspired to energize their economies. Headquartered in Austin, Avalanche was established in 2005 and its team has a combined 80+ years of experience.  Avalanche’s clients include the best performing economies in the country, from towns like Provo, Estes Park, and Sarasota, to metros like Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Columbus, Houston, Miami, and Oklahoma City. Learn more about Avalanche Consulting.


Mike Briggs, President & CEO
Central SC Alliance
(803) 733-1144

Noelle Salerno, Senior Consultant
Avalanche Consulting
(954) 829-1528

Economic Development 101

What is Economic Development?

Economic development is a process of investing in a region to improve its economic prosperity. Economic development includes activities like helping local businesses expand, attracting new businesses into the region, and growing new businesses. Modern economic development efforts are also involved in initiatives to make the region an overall better place for businesses and residents: improvements to quality of life amenities, education and workforce development programs, infrastructure, social equity, and business climate. The overarching goal of economic development is to create a place where residents have ample opportunities to build their careers and improve the standard of living for themselves and their families.

Why is Economic Development Important?

By participating in economic development activities, economic developers seek to improve their economy and maintain a greater standard of living in their region. Economic development is important to a region because it improves the health of the economy and well-being of its residents, making the region resilient, even in times of hardship.

Who is in Charge of Economic Development?

Economic development can be led by several types of organizations in a region. Sometimes regions have a dedicated economic development organization (EDO), sometimes the city or county government has an economic development or community development department, or sometimes a chamber of commerce includes economic development among its activities. Other organizations that might be involved are workforce development and education institutions, local governments, state governments, utility companies, community foundations, and convention and visitors bureaus.

Ultimately, economic development success depends on everyone in a region working together to establish a vision and accomplish goals. Even individuals that have nothing to do with an EDO can affect change by being positive spokespersons and volunteering in positive regional improvements